Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A splash of colour

After the plainness of today's work nails I decided to add a splash of colour, inspired by the beautiful colours seen on the catwalk this week (and because I love pink!)
I will admit I messed up the middle nail - the coloured diamonds are more like coloured smudges. Sigh.

Anyway I achieved this look by starting with a thin layer of Barry M in bright pink (13) and waiting for it to dry completely.
I then made a diamond with cello tape and stuck it firmly onto my nail. Then I chose a colour and painted over the hole. 
I left this for a couple of minutes before peeling it off and starting again. I had 3 sizes of diamond shapes which I reused on all my nails (which is why the last few got a bit smudgy as the polish started to bleed under the cello tape).
My polishes of choice were:
Barry M in Lemon (16), Pure Turquoise (17) and Bright Pink (13), Leighton Denny in Lilac Lust and Nails Inc Albert bridge topcoat. 

I would def do this again and be more patient with waiting for the diamonds to dry because I think the effect looks awesome! It's also a great way of using those slightly odd colours you don't necessarily want on your whole nail too.

Cya soon! Xx Alice xX

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