Monday, 17 February 2014

Simple nails for work

My first nail design is very simple - I have a big meeting tomorrow so can't really go mad with colour/sparkles! I love this pale look because it's quick and hides smudges/chips well.
I used a new base coat: a Boots own brand one that I found in my drawer. I think I borrowed it from my mum! Usually I use Nails Inc Kensington Caviar, but I fancied a change. It was ok, dried fairly quickly but we'll see how long it lasts! 
The colour is Rimmel 60 seconds in Pearly Pink. It took longer than 60 seconds to dry but that's probably because the base coat wasn't completely dry when I put it on. It has a lovely pearlescent pinky-blue sheen. In some lights it looks like I'm not wearing nail polish but in others the colour is quite strong. 
I topped it off with a Nails Inc matt top coat. Generally I prefer shiny top coats but I think matt suits this understated look. 
So that's it! Hope you like it, and see you again soon
Xx Alice xX

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