Sunday, 23 February 2014

Barry M Silk nail paint - Heather

It's that time of the week again - Sunday night, work in the morning, just enough time to sort out those last little bits and bobs.

Yes, time also to take off my "weekend" nails and get serious again. 

I was in Boots today (that place makes a killing out of me!) and having read a fair bit about Barry M's new silk polishes, I decided to pick one up - Heather. It's a violet colour with a shimmery finish, that makes it feel sort of princess-y (or is that just me?!)

Now the first thing that struck me about this when I applied it was how quickly it dried. A very useful last-minute-on-Sunday attribute! Then I noticed that it also dried matt. The shimmer gives it a nice reflection off light, but it's not got that gel like shine. I personally prefer shine, but the matt is quite refreshing. Overall I really like this varnish. 

In case you were wondering, I also used Sally Hansen miracle cure strengthener as a base coat to get my nails growing a bit more.

The green No7 Spring Meadow that I used and reviewed last time was fab by the way, lasted even though I cleaned and washed up a dozen times this weekend. It did slightly stain my nails though, but not badly. 

Have a lovely Monday! 

Xx Alice xX

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