Thursday, 27 February 2014

Creatively uncreative - can I do it?!

I think I'm obsessed with nail art blogs. They're so amazingly clever. I was never creative at school - my art work comprised mainly of stick men and crumpled up pieces of paper. I had to endure art exams for several years before gsce's finally allowed me to drop it. I have terrible memories of drawing a piece of fruit in 5 minutes then sitting bored out of my mind for the next 1 hour 55 minutes of the exam. 

And yet I love art. Probably because I can't do it, so its a sort of magical mystery cloud that is always just out of my reach. 

I wasn't going to admit this when I first started my blog for fear that no one would care to read about a substandard wannabe nail artist. But then I thought, hang on there must be others like me right? Those who love nail polish, have literally hundreds of bottles, who play around anyway despite a notable lack of talent?! 

So then I decided to start a piece on how easy various nail art designs are. Inspired by Grav3yard Girl's "does this thing really work" (which btw is totally addictive YouTube viewing) I thought I'd do something similar with nails. Can I do more than just a plain base, colour, top coat combo?! 

I don't know. I have some nail wraps in my drawer sitting untouched, which I got in a Glossybox, that I'm too scared to use in case I ruin them and therefore waste them. So that will be my first challenge. I think I'll do that on the weekend as I feel it may take me a while! Watch this space for the results..

Xx Alice xX

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