Monday, 3 March 2014

Essie Sleek Stick nail stickers

Happy Monday!

As promised, I did try out the Essie nail stickers this weekend. They are a really nice colour, and definitely added something to my going-out outfit this weekend. 

But how easy were they to do?

Well I started by taking out everything from the packet and reading the (very short!) instructions.

Step 1: choose the right sized sticker.
Now here I had some issues. My fingers are very small and none of the stickers were a perfect fit. 

Step 2: stick on nail. Ok, easy enough! The first couple of nails creased up quite a bit before I got the hang of how to smooth them down. 
Also as you can see the stickers are huge! So I had to cut the ends off to do them properly. 

Step 3: fold over the ends and file off the excess. Again, this was a lot easier than I had anticipated. I didn't fold them completely over as my nails are a bit small to do this easily but the filing worked anyway. 
Step 4: repeat on all nails!
This picture is of my first hand, but the second hand was a lot better - practice really helps with these! Next time I feel they will look nicer. 

So my overall verdict:
    Timing: 9/10 - doing nail stickers is so quick! I was done in about 20 minutes, and you don't need to include drying time. 
    Finish: 6/10 - the stickers were too big on a couple of my nails, so I should've cut them before putting them on. I do think it would be good if Essie did different sizes because I don't believe I'm the only one with small hands! 
    Difficulty: 8/10 - I was surprised at how easy these were to do! I got better with practice and even the left hand wasn't hard. 

One other observation: don't wash your hair after applying the stickers! Water makes them loose, and they will peel off. Not so long lasting after all.. 

Xx Alice xX


  1. I never get nail stickers :( I can never apply them well. I think you have done a great job!

    1. Thanks! It was a bit hard to get them straight, but the nice thing about stickers is that you can peel them off and try again! I'm glad it wasn't the total disaster I thought it would be :-)