Monday, 17 March 2014

& other stories - Tartarin Orange

Wow I LOVE this!! 

Sorry I just had to get that out. I went shopping on the weekend and stumbled across & Other Stories on Regent Street. Having heard great things about this shop I had to go in, and I admit I went a bit mad.. (More on the other products at another time - I haven't tested them properly yet)

From a nail perspective I picked up Tartarin Orange because orange is quite big atm and it was a colour my collection was sorely lacking. 

After tidying up my cuticles and applying a base coat of Sally Hansen nail strengthener (yup still persevering!) I went to open my new polish. For such a tiny bottle it really has the most unnecessary amount of packaging! Stickers covering plastic with nail ruining tightness - I had to use my cuticle cutters to get into it! 
Once I got in though I loved this polish. The brush was that nice flat/fat one I raved about on the No7 polishes. The colour is so bright, shiny and dries quickly. I put on 2 coats initially but then went back later with a third as it wasn't quite opaque. 
It has lasted me 2 days so far which is great (for me!). Very spring, I totally love this and can't wait to get more colours! 

Xx Alice xX

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