Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Pancake time!

Ok so this has nothing to do with nails whatsoever except that it meant I didn't have time last night to paint mine! 

Pancake day crept up on me big time this year - I only realised it was yesterday when I heard a woman talking about it on the train whilst on my way to work. Where's the year gone?! Seriously, it's March already?! You know what that means though.. Spring and sunshine and no more frost (you wouldn't believe it walking outside this morning though).

So we made ours from scratch and they turned out pretty well! I had 2 cheese and tomato, one Nutella and one sugar and lemon. In all my 24 years I'd never tried sugar and lemon pancakes! It was a revelation. So much so that I've made a couple to have as a snack at work today. I'm hoping they won't be too soggy!

Hope you all had a lovely pancake day.

I promise to get back to nails tomorrow 😄 

Xx Alice xX

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