Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Take me to Selfridge's!

I'm very excited today because I've just received an email saying my purchase is now ready to be collected from Selfridge's.

Now yes, part of my excitement is to do with the purchase itself (to be revealed soon!). But actually most of my excitement is having an excuse to go to my favourite shop in London. I don't often buy anything there but the place is magical to walk around.

I've been avidly watching the Mr Selfridge TV series on my Sunday nights. What beautiful clothes! Rose's dress at the concert was so fabulous, and I love the jewels and fancy hair pieces. And the manners! As I stand on a train in my work heels with 10 men in suits sitting around me not giving a damn, I do often wonder what it was like when chivalry was a real thing. But we asked to be treated equally didn't we girls, so I suppose I shouldn't complain. Courtship was a funny thing in those days too, without mobile phones they actually had to go out and find the person to ask on a date! I'm thinking of Kitty and Mr Edwards here, where that kiss meant so much more than a kiss nowadays. 

Anyway I guess it's easy to look back and see the past through rose tinted glasses. In real life, the people were very much like us - people. Some nice, some not. There's no doubt the possibilities are much more exciting right now - they couldn't blog about nails back then could they?! 

But it would be nice to travel back just once and see Selfridge's as it was then....

Xx Alice xX

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