Saturday, 22 February 2014

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour - Spring Meadow

As usual when I buy something in Boots, I'm rewarded with a £3 off No7 makeup voucher. So naturally my gaze wandered off to the No7 counter to see what newbies I could find..

Lo and behold, there in front of me stood 3 new nail polish colours, in pale green, pink and orange (I didn't take note of the names, but they're pretty obvious if you go into any Boots store!) With the voucher they were only £3. Bargainous compared to my usual love of Nails Inc and OPI. 

So I went for the green as it was a colour my collection was sadly lacking in. The name is Spring Meadow, and yes Spring is exactly what it reminds me of. Well done No7 marketing team.

Now I've never used No7 nail polishes so excuse my excitement which I'm sure you all experienced like 10 years ago. But OMG the brush is amazing! It's such a good shape - like a normal brush that's been squashed under a car tyre. Flat and wide enough to cover my whole nail in one swipe (I have pathetically small fingers) 

So much better than the Nails Inc brush. 

The formula is a bit weak - it took 3 coats to get a good solid colour, and even then it's not that opaque - but it dried quick enough and has so far not chipped (we'll see what happens after cleaning the house today!) 

So overall very impressed. Definitely going to try out some more. The new blusher sticks and powder palette also looked tempting...

Xx Alice xX

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