Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nails Inc Lowndes Square

So it's back to my old fave today - Nails Inc. 

Having said in a post couple day's ago that I don't really do purple, I found Lowndes Square in my drawer which is a dark purple with sort of grey tones. I had forgotten about this one and it had separated a bit from lack of love. So I had to show it some love today. 

I generally only do 2 coats but I found on my right hand (painted with my left) that its a bit transparent still. Not sure why I don't paint thick layers with my left hand - must be the concentration of not getting it all over my skin! But it could've done with a 3rd layer.

I topped it off, as usual, with Nails Inc Kensington Caviar and I'm still going strong with my Sally Hansen nail strengthener as a base coat (pun intended). 

I'm looking to try a new top coat, so I'm gonna hunt around for suggestions on other blogs..

My Selfridges trip yesterday was lovely btw. I always walk in the handbag entrance and browse a bit. I'm currently obsessed with Kate Spade, which is relatively affordable compared to some of the other brands! I just love the stripey interior. If I get one i'll be sure to show you! 

Xx Alice xX

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  1. Great colour, I have this baby sitting in my untried's, better get it out soon! :D